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Family business
The company “Rodi Keas” is a family business with love and passion for the pomegranate fruit.
Rich in Vitamins
Pomegranate juice gives longevity, well-being and is a rich source of vitamins A, C and E.
Important Distinctions
We are first among 17 other similar juices from production units operating across Greece.
100% Natural juice
Our products are made of 100% natural Kea pomegranate juice of excellent quality without preservatives.
~ 100% Natural Pomegranate Juice ~

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The company “Rodi Keas” was founded in 2015 on the island of Kea. Its purpose is the production, bottling and sale of pomegranate juice. 

Pomegranate juice is a product that offers longevity, wellness, a
series of beneficial effects and vitamins A, C, E for the human body.

This juice’s invaluable elements transform it to a superfood that boosts the immune system. “Rodi Keas” has created an authentic pomegranate juice, from the varieties Wonderful and Acco, without additives, with sweet taste and truly beneficial for the organism, adhering to appropriate certifications.

Using as raw material the delicious juice, “Rodi Keas” has created a series of other products based on the beneficial fruit, such as liqueur, vinegar balcamico, syrup and marmelade pomegranate.


Fresh lemon juice

The company “Rodi Keas”, added to the family of pomegranate products and fresh lemon juice of our own production from excellent quality lemons, without preservatives and additional chemicals.

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Distinctions and Awards
~ Quality that stands out ~

Distinctions and Awards


Our juice -this superfood from the island of Kea, was ranked first among 17 other similar juices from production units operating across Greece. This was one of the “passports” that helped distribute the guide not only throughout the island, but also to the top delicatessens of Athens, while the European markets have already recognized this quality effort for select outlets in some European cities. 


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